joi, 5 mai 2016

Happy Birthday to the Rain - a poem

- David A. Marin
The day is the night
The night is the day
Time’s a man-made structure
So it’s all okay.
Fine with the world
Hey, world seems fine with me
Yet the slow fever, it still burns
When I lie in front of the computer screen.
Ride the night into the rain
And let the wind hoist up the good flames
May the night calm down the day,
The rain burns out the bad fire
Only so do bright red purple sparks fly up, up, up and yet even
It’s just me, myself, and I,
And you, yourself, and thy,
And us, ourselves, and it all
Our souls, bunch of amplifiers
Celestial guitars bursting through the speakers
One speaker into the other
– both recording each-other
Big machine of heavenly music, its duty to play to others
When they record each-other
the notes, they sometimes mingle
yet the songs remain quite different
imagine sitting in a room full of rockstars
all playing such different songs
the bass gliding upon the stars
somehow you listen to and feel each
and every one
song, distinctly.
In this case, you'd be a Big Guy.
We’re all a bunch of rays of colors
each ray, imagine a new color,
yet together pouring down endless buckets upon the sun
and back at it again.

Happy birthday to you too, Rain.
I sing you a tune with
one hand on the throttle
forgetting the breaks
the wheels, no screech
just the hum of the wind
as my hair you gently fondle
in the bright light of the great night. 

Dorothea Tanning - Birthday (1942)

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