luni, 13 iunie 2016

Rose-red cadillac - a poem

- David A. Marin
I took the car today.
Truth be told, it wasn't really mine
I found it unlocked in the parking lot
of the cheap highway crack motel
A rose red caddy, like sweet lipstick
It had blood on the back seat
And there was Belgian candy on the passenger seat.
Driving, smoking, I don’t smoke, but clutched
was a Norwegian wooden pipe, clutched
to the brown, sparkling leather steering wheel,
and the smoke disturbed someone,
even if I was driving alone.

Truth be told, there was a guy in the trunk
I set him free, he didn't even thank me
Just ran barefooted, white underwear
Into the sun-creased hedges.
Dropped his anatomy notebook
Must have been a med student
Got himself in drug trouble with the cartel
Scoring coke with that pretty dental student next door
said she had the dough but, yeah, she kinda ran low.

Anyhow, read a bit into neurology
Neurons are very interesting, come to think
Truth be told, wish I was one of 'em myself
Just one thought to be
One thought now, and one thought after
Not more than one thought going through me
One thing to deal with at a time
And always someone to receive
that very thought…
Now, sometimes I become one single thought
when I think of this girl I'm seeing.
When it's her, sometimes it's just her, till the chaos hits.
Alas, I'm driving still
The desert on my left and right is nice and all
I wonder if the student will find peace within
I think the cops put out an APB
Did I leave the oven on?
Was that a gunshot coming from the hills?
What was the name of that movie?
Did I just hear somebody scream?
Truth be told,
I wish I’d be in that hotel room making love to her still.
One thought still.

Good thing the police sirens are just in my head
Didn’t I buy this car last month?
And wasn’t the guy in the trunk the asshole from the club?
But why was he all tied up
Who set him up like that?
As I was saying…
What was I saying?
Anyway, meet me after I cross the state line, hun.

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