sâmbătă, 13 august 2016

droplet - a poem

                                                      - David A. Marin
Patterned substances
Circles rewinding again and again
Same narratives
Reloaded ecstasies
River ran so fast,
it broke into a lake.
eyes - gold and warmth
flame across everything perceived
and then
- drop -
coming down like fountains of acid
eyes - silver cold
the same smiles now look like frowns
and every frown vibrates hatred
summer of love
mid-cut in the autumn of the lost...
the laughs of Camus and Satre
and the echoing bellow of Nietzsche
as you scramble on the ground
for a penny to take you across
through the Acheron and back.
A maniac scrambled in the sand:
When did we go so terribly wrong?
When did we go so terribly
When did we go so
When did we go
When did we
Did we
Interrogation mark.
Spear of doubt.
Wounds covered
with the morphine of dreams
cries of ember as heavy rain falls
on the sparks of the phoenix. 
flying rastaman shares a smoke
whispers in your ear:
"Jim's dog chases across the Earth
hoping to catch a bone once thrown"
and you can't help but stare a lot
freezing in a half light
the smell is strong in the night
the droplet falls from the thumb
red on red on the petals
some blood
bloody hell
there's this saying
fuck the sayings
like a proverb
screw proverbs
you know what they say
fuck what they say
every rose has its
fuck predictable
fuck the punchline
fuck the poem
fuck you
fuck me
also, it
feels like this generation's lost
in the lyrics of a grunge song

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